Beware the Mirage: Unmasking Artificial Intelligence Deepfakes – A Guide to Spotting the Illusion

Beware the Mirage: Unmasking Artificial Intelligence Deepfakes – A Guide to Spotting the Illusion

Don't Fall for Artificial Intelligence Deepfakes: Here's How to Spot Them

Tom Hanks isn’t trying to sell you a dental plan. YouTuber MrBeast won’t give you an iPhone 15. CBS News host Gayle King isn’t recommending a weight-loss product. I knew this stage of artificial intelligence tomfoolery was coming, but it’s still surprising how fast it’s happening. Let’s take a closer look at how free and cheap tools are fueling fraud – and the signs to watch for.

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Over the past several months, a whole crop of fake AI celebrities has sprung up to trick people with false endorsements. They look and talk exactly like trusted personalities, and they’re usually shilling brands you’ve never heard of. Worse, they’re almost impossible to stop. Certain AI – including Stable Diffusion apps and some Nvidia tech – can easily mimic “big names” in the celebrity world. Unscrupulous brands, or outright scammers, have no problem taking advantage of this readily available new tech.

The fight against fake photos: How Adobe is embedding tech to help surface authenticity

Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Tom Brady, Beyonce – the list keeps going, and it’s not just about how celebrities look. AI also excels at mimicking famous voices, which is how fans mistook songs by AI mixer Ghostwriter as new releases from Drake and The Weeknd.

Feeling Paranoid? Keep Your Guard Up

Here’s what social media sites and even Google don’t want you to know: They do a lousy job vetting advertisers. They’re focused on the cash, meaning scammers end up with the real results. If you want advice about a product or service, look at reviews or find an expert who’s well-versed and can prove it. Another smart step: Google the product and actor in the ad, along with the word “review.” If someone’s getting paid to endorse a product, there’s not just one random ad floating around social media.

It’s not just ads. AI is everywhere, and the tools are simple to access and widely accessible. Take a look at what Michael Jackson would look like today, Elon Musk as a toddler, or if selfies existed in history's biggest moments. I used one of those viral AI headshot apps. My favorite shot is the one with my fingers going into my cheeks. Now is the time to brush up on the red flags a graphic, photograph, piece of art, or image was made using AI.

Perfect Symmetry Unveiled: AI's Artistic Precision

In the realm of artificial intelligence, symmetry reaches new heights, where images showcase an almost uncanny equilibrium. Picture this: a landscape frozen in time, or a close-up shot rendered with such balance that folding it in half reveals a perfect mirror image on either side.

The Quirks of Distortion: A Glimpse into AI Oddities

Yet, within the beauty lies the quirks. A touch of wonkiness, a dash of distortion – look closely at a crowd, and you might spot individuals who appear to have taken a dip in an oil painting. Faces become abstract canvases of digital fluidity.

Objects Out of Scale: The AI Perspective Shift

Objects defy their conventional proportions – cars towering like homes, doorways too minuscule for passage. AI, it seems, plays with dimensions, creating a visual landscape where scale becomes subjective.

Shadows and Light Unleashed: The AI Physics Playground

In the AI realm, shadows rebel against the laws of physics, dancing in directions uncharted in the real world. Light, once obedient, becomes a maverick, casting its glow with unpredictable freedom.

Textures Transformed: From Smooth Simplicity to Hyper-Real Complexity

Textures undergo a metamorphosis, appearing either unnaturally smooth, devoid of natural nuances, or hyper-realistic, unveiling portraits with intricate details like wrinkles, pores, and blemishes. AI, it seems, revels in extremes.

The Signature of Creation: Watermarks in the AI Canvas

Most free AI image generators leave their mark – a watermark discreetly placed, usually in the bottom right corner, bearing the site or app's logo or text. It's a silent signature, a clue to the image's digital genesis.

Embracing the Bizarre: AI's Playful Oddities

Even as AI progresses, a touch of the bizarre lingers. Oddly shaped features, surplus fingers, or accessories that defy logic – it's in these minute details that the signature of artificial intelligence reveals itself.

If doubt persists about an image's authenticity, turn to AI detection tools as your digital detectives:

AI or Not: A simple drag-and-drop, upload, or image URL paste reveals the verdict on an image's legitimacy.

Maybe's AI Art Detector: Similar to AI or Not, but with a percentage-based AI verdict (e.g., "20% human and 80% artificial").

And, of course, don't overlook Google's reverse image search. If credible sources echo the image, it's likely genuine. But if AI sites emerge, consider it a signal to raise the alarm.

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