FBI Collaborates with Michigan Police in Investigation of Dismissed Michigan Football Assistant Matt Weiss

FBI Collaborates with Michigan Police in Investigation of Dismissed Michigan Football Assistant Matt Weiss

"FBI Collaborates with Michigan Police in Ongoing Investigation of Former Michigan Football Co-Offensive Coordinator Matt Weiss"

In a significant development, the University of Michigan Police Department confirmed a collaborative effort with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over the unauthorized computer access incident involving former Michigan football co-offensive coordinator, Matt Weiss. The investigation, spanning several months, holds the utmost priority for both entities, according to a statement released on Thursday. The FBI's involvement adds a federal dimension to the case, emphasizing its severity.

Weiss, dismissed from his role by athletic director Warde Manuel in January, became the focus of attention when Michigan Police received a report of computer access crimes transpiring in Schembechler Hall between December 21-23. Though not yet subject to arrest, Weiss's termination came after a leave of absence, and subsequent investigations led to the revelation of unauthorized computer access.

Recent reports from The Washington Post unveiled that an external investigative firm, acting independently, approached the NCAA with evidence of a sign-stealing plan, creating a new layer to the Michigan football controversy. The plan, central to the ongoing investigation, allegedly involved significant financial costs nearing $15,000 this season. However, Michigan Deputy Chief of Police Melissa Overton clarified that the Weiss investigation is distinct and unrelated to the sign-stealing allegations.

As the NCAA initiates its investigation following the firm's findings, ESPN reported Thursday that NCAA investigators are actively present in Ann Arbor this week, delving into the sign-stealing probe. The intertwining complexities of these investigations paint a multifaceted picture, keeping the Michigan football program under heightened scrutiny and raising questions about potential ramifications for the broader collegiate sports landscape.

"In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between the FBI and the University of Michigan Police in investigating former Michigan football co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss underscore the gravity of the unauthorized computer access incident. The ongoing probe, stretching over several months, signifies the heightened importance and complexity of the case. Weiss's termination in January, coupled with the involvement of federal agencies, adds a layer of significance to the unfolding situation.

The recent revelations of a sign-stealing plan, independently brought to the NCAA's attention by an investigative firm, inject further complexity into the Michigan football controversy. While the NCAA launches a separate investigation into the alleged scheme, the University of Michigan Police stresses that the Weiss inquiry is distinct and unrelated to the sign-stealing allegations. As NCAA investigators actively engage in Ann Arbor regarding the sign-stealing probe, the interconnected investigations continue to cast a shadow over the Michigan football program, prompting broader questions about potential repercussions for collegiate sports at large. The ongoing developments underscore the need for thorough examination and transparency in addressing the multifaceted issues surrounding the university's athletic department."


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