Touchdown to TV: Eli Manning's 'Chad Powers' Soars in Hulu's Latest Series, Led by Glenn Powell

Touchdown to TV: Eli Manning's 'Chad Powers' Soars in Hulu's Latest Series, Led by Glenn Powell

Eli Manning's Alter Ego, Chad Powers, Takes the Spotlight in New Hulu Comedy Series Starring Glenn Powell

Former NFL quarterback Eli Manning is stepping into the world of comedy with his alter ego, Chad Powers, set to grace the small screen in a new television comedy series on Hulu. Taking on the role of Chad Powers is actor Glenn Powell, known for his roles in "Anyone But You" and "Top Gun: Maverick." The series will be helmed by Powell and Michael Waldron, the producer behind the Disney+ hit "Loki.

Produced by 20th Television and Omaha Productions, owned by Manning's brother Peyton, the show marks Manning's foray into scripted television, following the success of his ESPN+ series "Eli's Places" and the beloved "ManningCast" on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Variety Magazine broke the news, with Manning expressing his surprise at the overwhelming love for Chad Powers: "The love for Chad Powers has surprised me in spectacular ways," Manning said. "I'm so excited to team up with my friends Glen Powell, Michael Waldron, and Omaha Productions to continue to tell the Chad Powers story and see what he does next.

Chad Powers" will join the ranks of other successful streaming series like Apple TV's "Ted Lasso," carving out a niche for fictional characters originating from sports programs. Powell and Waldron shared their enthusiasm for the project, highlighting their shared passion for college football and their eagerness to bring Chad Powers to life on screen: "We're excited to be part of this team and can't wait to get Chad in the game. Think fast, run fast.

The character of Chad Powers was introduced in a 2022 episode of "Eli's Places" on ESPN+, where Manning went undercover at Penn State to explore the Nittany Lion's walk-on tryout process. Manning, a two-time NFL Super Bowl champion, immersed himself in the quarterback role, undergoing drills such as the 40-yard dash, paving the way for the comedic exploits of Chad Powers.

As Manning's comedic alter ego, Chad Powers, prepares to hit the airwaves in a riotous new series, the collaboration between Manning, Powell, Waldron, and the production team promises to deliver laughter, surprises, and a fresh take on the intersection of sports and entertainment. With Manning's seasoned wit and Powell's charismatic portrayal, "Chad Powers" is poised to captivate audiences, offering a hilarious glimpse into the antics of a fictional sports figure. As the project gains momentum, fans eagerly anticipate the debut of this unique comedy series, ready to join Chad Powers on his comedic journey into the spotlight.


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