Jason Kidd Joins Forces with Oakland Roots and Soul SC as Co-Owner

NBA Legend Expands Influence into the World of Soccer, Bridging Communities Through Sports

Oakland, California — October 28, 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, NBA Hall of Famer Jason Kidd has announced his new venture as co-owner of both the Oakland Roots and Soul SC, solidifying his presence in the vibrant sports landscape of Oakland, California. This groundbreaking move not only marks Kidd's foray into professional soccer but also underscores his commitment to fostering unity and empowerment within diverse communities through the medium of sports.

As a former basketball superstar, Jason Kidd's achievements are etched in the annals of NBA history. With a career spanning over two decades, he dazzled fans with his exceptional court vision, defensive prowess, and leadership skills. Now, as a co-owner of two prominent sports franchises, Kidd seeks to bring his winning mentality and passion for sports to the world of soccer.

The decision to invest in the Oakland Roots and Soul SC holds special significance for Kidd. Raised in Oakland, he has a deep-rooted connection to the community and an unwavering commitment to its growth and prosperity. This partnership is more than a business move; it's a heartfelt endeavor to provide opportunities and inspiration for the youth of Oakland.

The Oakland Roots, a dynamic force in the USL Championship, have garnered attention not only for their impressive performances on the field but also for their dedication to social justice causes. With Jason Kidd on board, the team gains an influential advocate for their mission to use sports as a platform for positive change.

Soul SC, on the other hand, is a rising star in the NWSL, capturing hearts with their electrifying style of play. Kidd's involvement is set to elevate the visibility of women's soccer and amplify the voices of female athletes, aligning perfectly with the broader movement towards gender equality in sports.

The convergence of basketball and soccer in Kidd's ownership portfolio is emblematic of his multifaceted approach to sports entrepreneurship. By bridging the worlds of two vastly popular sports, he aims to create synergies that will not only enhance the performance of both teams but also foster a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie among athletes and fans alike.

In an era where sports ownership is often seen as a lucrative business venture, Kidd's entry into the soccer domain brings a refreshing perspective. His investment is not solely driven by financial gains, but by a genuine desire to impact the lives of individuals in his hometown and beyond.

This strategic move by Jason Kidd sends ripples across the sports industry, affirming that sports ownership can be a force for positive societal change. As he takes on this new role, the basketball legend turned soccer enthusiast is poised to leave an indelible mark on Oakland, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the boundaries of the playing field.

Jason Kidd's entrance into the world of professional soccer as co-owner of the Oakland Roots and Soul SC is a testament to his enduring commitment to his hometown and his vision for a more inclusive, empowered community. By bridging the realms of basketball and soccer, Kidd is not only expanding his sports empire but also championing a broader message of unity and progress through athletics.

The impact of Kidd's ownership extends beyond the pitch. His presence in the Oakland Roots and Soul SC promises to amplify the teams' efforts in advocating for social justice causes and promoting gender equality in sports. This move underscores the potential of sports ownership to be a catalyst for meaningful societal change, setting a powerful example for future generations of athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

As the Oakland Roots and Soul SC embark on this exciting new chapter with a basketball legend at the helm, the trajectory of both franchises is poised for a transformative journey. With Kidd's winning mentality and genuine dedication to the betterment of his community, fans can anticipate a future where the beautiful game continues to inspire, uplift, and bring people together in the spirit of shared achievement.


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