Revival on the Horizon: Buybuy Baby's Resurgence with the Reopening of 11 Stores Following Bed, Bath & Beyond's Bankruptcy

Revival on the Horizon: Buybuy Baby's Resurgence with the Reopening of 11 Stores Following Bed, Bath & Beyond's Bankruptcy

"Buybuy Baby's Resilience: A Rebirth After Bed, Bath & Beyond's Bankruptcy"

Amidst the echoes of uncertainty following Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy earlier this year, Buybuy Baby is poised for a remarkable comeback. The once-beleaguered baby retailer, which witnessed the closure of 115 locations, is set to reopen 11 stores across the Northeast under new ownership.

Buybuy Baby's resurgence comes as part of an ambitious plan to revive its presence and reclaim its status as a trusted resource for new parents. CEO Pete Daleiden expressed optimism about the future, declaring that Buybuy Baby is on track to become a "trusted fourth-trimester partner" once again.

The journey to this revival has been marked by challenges. Founded in 1996 and once boasting 137 stores, Buybuy Baby faced the brunt of Bed Bath & Beyond's financial woes, leading to the closure of all its stores this summer. However, the recent acquisition by Paramus-based Dream On Me, a crib and mattress retailer, injected new life into the brand. Dream On Me secured leases for 11 Buybuy Baby locations, signaling the beginning of the brand's renaissance.

The reopening, slated for November 18, is heralded as the "initial phase" of Buybuy Baby's revival. The announcement promises a return to familiar brands in gear and furniture categories, offering customers a curated assortment of beloved baby and maternal wellness brands. Simultaneously, a new website,, is set to launch, featuring a fully ownable registry experience through a dedicated app.

Despite the challenges faced under previous ownership, including the expiration of gift card balances, Buybuy Baby's resurgence reflects resilience and adaptability. The reopening signals a new chapter for the iconic baby retailer, promising a bright future as it once again becomes a go-to destination for parents embarking on the journey of parenthood.

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In conclusion, Buybuy Baby's remarkable resurgence stands as a testament to its resilience in the face of adversity. From the brink of closure following Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy, the baby retailer has found new life under the stewardship of Dream On Me. The reopening of 11 stores across the Northeast signifies not just a revival but a commitment to reclaiming its status as a trusted partner for new parents.

CEO Pete Daleiden's optimistic proclamation of a bright future echoes the brand's determination to once again become a beacon for those navigating the challenges of early parenthood. The initial phase of reopening on November 18 promises customers a familiar array of brands in gear and furniture, reinforcing Buybuy Baby's commitment to curated offerings in the baby and maternal wellness space.

As the company launches its new website and a fully ownable registry experience, it embarks on a journey to redefine the shopping experience for parents-to-be. Despite the hurdles faced, including the expiration of gift card balances under previous ownership, Buybuy Baby's resurgence symbolizes adaptability and the potential for a fresh start.

In the evolving landscape of retail, Buybuy Baby's comeback not only safeguards jobs and economic activity but also rekindles a brand that has been a staple for families since 1996. The reopening marks not just a transactional revival but a revival of trust, reliability, and the anticipation of creating new memories for generations to come.


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